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COD: 4100
The control panel is recommended for protection of various types of buildings, especially small size premises such as hotels, office buildings, banks, warehouses, historical buildings, „intelligent” buildings, etc.
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230 V +10 % -15 %/50 Hz

Reserve supply

24 V +25 % -10 %

Reserve supply 24 V DC source secondary battery

max. 22 Ah

Max. current consumption in stand-by mode

0.25 A

Available supply current for external fire-fighting equipment

1 A

Number of addressable lines


Admissible resistance of detector line wires

2 x 45 Ohm, 2 x 75 Ohm, 2 x 100 Ohm (depending on configuration)

Admissible capacity of detector line wires

300 nF

Number of addressable line elements (in one line)


at resistance of 2x100 Ohm

20 mA

at resistance of 2x75 Ohm

22 mA

at resistance of 2x45 Ohm

50 mA

Detector line operation variants
  • loop shaped – with a possibility to eliminate short circuits or breaks
  • radial (linear)
Max. number of detector zones


Number of alarm variants


the 1st STAGE ALARM confirmation awaiting

0 ÷ 10 min

situation recognition after the 1st STAGE ALARM confirmation  

0 ÷ 10 min

alarm output actuation delay

0 ÷ 10 min

Resolution of graphic display

320 x 240 px

2 relay outputs with potential-free, change-over contacts

1 A/24 V

1 signal line

0.5 A/24 V

Programmable inputs

2 monitoring lines

Co-operating equipment
  • computer keyboard
  • computer
  • digital monitoring system
Operating temperature

-5ºC ÷ +40ºC

Ingress protection

IP 30


420 x 384 x 115 mm


about 7 kg

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