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Exit station with 2D barcode ticket scanner

ParQube LX is a flexible unit that fully controls exit lane by scanning a barcoded ticket to all transient users, by checking card, TAG, etc. to all permanent users.
Full color graphic display option, gives clear user messages.

Double language display capability.
Manages all languages.

The Entry/Exit stations for the ParQube product range feature the latest and most advanced technologies. Thanks to the modularity of the design combined with the flexibility of the management software solutions the stations are ready to accommodate any number of future developments. The Parking barriers, managed by the Entry/Exit stations, come from the FAAC Group’s many years of experience in gate automation.

Our ticket technology is based on a very reliable barcode solution that allows reading of even the most worn tickets. With dual 2D barcodes printed on the ticket this allows us to read the information frompartially damaged or even missing sections of code.
In this way we can combine an effective and valuable solution that is also economic with very low levels of maintenance requirements. Payment for the ticket is carried out at either the automated payment station or fee computer by electronically validating the entry ticket. This makes it possible to keep operating costs low by not reprinting the ticket. The front panel display provides clear guidance information to users.

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