ParQube Fee Computer

Software integrat pentru plata cu operator
Pret: 13,500.00 lei
TVA inclus
Descriere produs

Highly intuitive Graphical User Interface allows cashiers to learn how to use the ParQube fee computer quickly - cutting down training time.
Large and colorful touch-screen with function buttons to reduce cashier errors.
User friendly software operation by large touch screen it is also suitable for nonspecialized personnel.
Fee Computer has been conceived to fulfill both solutions, de-centralized and pay at exit cashier to collect parking fees.
The ParQube fee computer is capable of processing the payment in a fast and logical manner to keep the transaction time short.

The ParQube Fee Computer has been designed with the general principles that apply to all of our other system devices, namely: flexibility, modularity, reliability, value for money, ease of use and simple maintenance.

The Fee Computer is available in two main configurations:

  • Central cashier manual payment
  • Exit lane cashier manual payment

Thanks to the touch screen option, the cashier can operate in a faster, more comfortable and simpler way.
The cashier can take control of the income flow during his shift.

The Fee Computer application software has been developed for use by non-specialised personnel and brilliantly combines ease-of-use with innovative performance. The software design utilizes the latest Microsoft Windows operating systems.

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